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Sandy Franks, Principal and Creative Director of Frameworkgraphics has over 20 years of hands on design and marketing experience. Her expertise ranges from designing brochures, ads, catalogs, annual reports, billboards, logo/identity packages, sales sheets, invitations, proposal submittals, posters, web design, manuals, presentations to complete trade show displays. The added experience of directing photo shoots, product commercials and coordinating ad placement across a variety of platforms benefits her clients with multi-platform knowledge. 


Sandy has been a self pro-claimed artist since she got her first box of popeye crayons. Art has been her passion through out her life.  In high school she was part of the AP Art program and even studied art one summer at The Governor's School for the Arts. She decided one afternoon with her high school art teacher, Norma Early, that she wanted to become a graphic artist after a artistic study of Coke bottles. The graphic pieces she designed then were a prelude to her future as a Graphic Artist.


Sandy obtained her degree in Graphic Design along with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. During her studies with the University, Sandy was awarded 1 of 5 portfolio scholarships from the school of Graphic Design during the portfolio review and acceptance into the program. The fundamentals of Graphic Design weaved with the study of Art and History have given her a solid foundation to build her career. Sandy still sketches designs before she begins to click, the mouse should be second tool of the graphic artist!  

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